How soon and how much should I eat after an aerobic workout?

If you feel like eating immediately after a workout, be sure that it's high in carbohydrates, lower in protein, and either very low or no fat content. The carbs should be mostly complex. Durum or semolina pasta, fat-free granola bars, and some of the lower-sugar fig or other fruit bars are fine. Try to take in as few kCals as you can - just take the "edge" off. Munching out on broccoli or cauliflower florets with just a touch of fat-free Ranch is good.

If the workout was pretty intense, I'd recommend about an hour's wait afterward before eating a full meal. Most people aren't really ready to eat when they're majorly sweaty and still breathing heavily, anyhow. Cool down, then grab a nice refreshing shower, and mellow out with a big glass of ice water. Next, find some candles, and sit down to a nice plate of rigatoni with tomato sauce with basil, green peppers, and little bits of chopped mushroom. Brush your whole wheat toast with a film of olive oil, sprinkle on some freshly-chopped garlic, get the picture.

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