I do lots of outer thigh (tummy, buns, etc.) work. Will that part of my body slim down first?

No. When we're working a muscle or group of muscles to burn fat, we have no control over what part of the body we burn fat from. There is no such thing as "spot reducing". Fat generally is used up in pretty much the reverse order it was put on, (LIFO - Last In First Out). When you are exercising, the blood is carrying fat from all over the body to provide the energy. The muscles which are being worked will improve, of course, so when the layers of fat finally do get worked off, you'll have some nice lean tissue to show for all your efforts.

(from Michael G. Kurilla mkgr2@uva.pcmail.virigina.edu)

Another aspect to this question is the fact that muscle growth underneath a fat deposit can give the appearance of spot reduction. This is because the overlying fat is stretched over a greater surface and appears thinner, although the total amount of fat is the same. A good analogy is with a balloon. As the air is increased, the skin on the balloon gets thinner, but the amount of balloon material stays the same. I think that this may be how the spot reduction myth originated. By working the muscles below the fat, people think they are actually making the fat go away.

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