What is proper stepping technique?

Your body should remain in good alignment. Your head should be up, shoulders down and back, chest up, abdominals and buttocks tight. When stepping up, lean from the ankles and not the waist to avoid placing excessive stress on the lumbar spine. Contact the platform with the entire foot. To avoid Achilles tendon injury, make sure your heel is down, and your foot is in the center of the platform. When stepping down, step close to the platform and allow the heels to contact the floor to help absorb the shock. (toe, ball, heel). When doing lunges or repeater steps, however, the heel should be up, and the weight should be on the forefoot of the working leg. You should not use hand or leg weights when you are stepping as the risk of injury outweighs any added benefit you might get from using weights. It is important to note, that anyone with a history of knee problems should consult a physician before beginning step training.

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