About the pictures

This page is a guide to understanding the animated graphics used in the Dictionary section of Turnstep.

The drawings are made as simple as possible. Most show the feet position for each count of a move. Some pictures start with a right lead, some with a left, and some show both. A guide to the pictures is below:

Example picture 1 All pictures are the same size. This is the basic background for all the pictures.
Legend picture 2 This is the left foot. It is always yellow.
Legend picture 3 Now we add the right foot, which is always red.
Legend picture 4 Next, a bench. In this case, the bench is horizontal. The bench is blue, the risers are pruple.
Legend picture 5 Each move has a name, given in large text below the animated feet.
Legend picture 6 The lower left hand corner gives timing information. In this example, the word "Start" appears, meaning that this is the starting position for the move, which has not started yet.
Legend picture 7 What is usually in the corner is a number, representing the count or beat. This picture tells us that at the end of the first beat, the right foot should be on top of the bench.
Legend picture 8 Here's another example, but with the feet pointed in a different direction. Remember, "red is right" (and yellow is left)
Legend picture 9 This show a symbol for a knee up or a kick, depending on the move. For most moves, like the Charleston used in the example, a kick or a knee can be used.
Legend picture 10 For this example, notice the "ghost" foot. This means that the foot is raised slightly off the ground. Notice also that this move has "and" for a count - this move has an unusual 1 - 2 - 3 - and - 4 count to it. Finally, the full name of this move is a "Mambo cha-cha-cha". The name is revealed as the picture moves, for extra emphasis. See the real Mambo cha-cha-cha move to see how this effect appears.
Legend picture 12 This example shows a hamstring curl, shown by the letter "H" inside a box.
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