Kim's Combo (Double Step)

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 66)

Also see Kim's other move which can be added to this!

Start--Standing to left of HOME BENCH with two benches placed vertically, 3 feet apart.

  1. Over the top of two benches
  2. Hop on top (hesitate), tap down, over the top to center of both benches
  3. V-step (use left and right bench for V) X1
  4. Right toe crosses over to tap left bench X1

Repeat #3 & #4 with right lead, should be 3 total sets: V-step left, toe tap right toe on left bench, step right up to right bench for right V-step, cross left toe on right bench, V-step left, toe tap right toe on left bench

You will be back to the left of home as from the start. You can go over two benches and start from the right side of the right bench with the opposite lead from Step #1.

Added by Kim L. Wilkinson at 12:33 AM on Sunday, July 07, 1996 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
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