Adding On (Double Step)

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 164)

This is an add-on to the Double It Up! submitted earlier. You will be on the right side of "neighbor" bench after repeating steps #14-16 of previous submission. Put together & enjoy!

  1. Knee corner to corner X 1 (Steps #1-3 all on same bench).
  2. Knee lift (will be facing front of room), straddle bench X 1, stop on top of bench, hold, clap X 2.
  3. Lunge right & left X 5, SWITCH BENCHES LEFT to "home" bench.
  4. Over top of "home" bench.
  5. Rocking horse X 2, Over Top X 1, turnstep X 1 (NOTE: This is all on the same bench "home"). SWITCH BENCHES.
  6. Repeat Step #5 on "neighbor" bench (you will be facing back on room on start for this bench, after turnstep you will be back to facing front of room).
  7. L-step X 2 using both benches--right L-step then switch to left L-step (you are on "neighbor" bench first after Step #6--step knee, tap down, step knee, switch benches (this will require two big steps behind both benches--I tell them to step back after the last knee lift so that they are in position to step over and behind both benches)).
  8. After last L-step you will be back to right side of "neighbor" bench-- Repeater knees X 3, SWITCH BENCHES (just like L-step, have them do two knees, then take 2nd knee back so they can step over twice and be on the left side of the "home" bench.

Steps #7 and #8 should be: L-step, SWITCH, L-step, SWITCH, repeater knees X 3, SWITCH, repeater knees X 3, SWITCH to center of bench.

Added by Kim Wilkinson at 03:53 PM on Sunday, September 08, 1996 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
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