Horizontal Stepping

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 512)

I haven't seen any combinations for double stepping in this configuration. Place each step horiztonally, with the ends touching. This makes a six foot long step! This is a very intense class because traveling requires you to travel six feet not the normal three feet. If you never taught a double step class, start with this configuration. It is much easier to teach, yet still a very intense and different class.

I call the step on the left: Bench 1.
The step on the right: Bench 2.
Remember they are horizontal, end to end.

To get your class use to the configuration, start on Bench 1 and use your favorite step combinations. The difference is on the traveling. For example,

This above combination leaves you with a left lead on Bench 2. So, use your favorite Step combination on Bench 1, use the above combination to transition to Bench 2. Then repeat your favorite Step combination on Bench 2 with the left foot leading.

Try this variation of "Around the World"
(Right foot leads)

This is enough get you started. If you like this configuration, I have more combinations!

The only Basic move you cannot do in this configuration is across the top. I particularly like to incorporate the "L" step. Traveling from the end of Bench 1 to the end of Bench 2 makes even the die hard step fans breath hard! Warning: if you normally use an 8 inch step, you may want to start off with a 6 inch step.

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