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This pattern has 4 combos with 32 count phrasing. After completing Combo #4, you are facing the rear wall & now you can repeat the entire class facing the rear if your class is comfortable & you have mirrors on the rear wall. If not, repeat Combo #4 so you are once again facing the front. Feel free to mix & match the sets any way you wish to add variety to your classes. Any questions or comments, please email & I will attempt to clarify.

Start with right foot leading.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

Combo #4

I hope you have as much fun with this as I do with all of the great ideas you have given me. My favorite tape with this routine is Side 2 of "Best of the 80's" by Power Music.

Have a great day!

Note 1: Step up right, 2 knee repeaters with the left leg. Pendulum the legs starting with the right leg going side then left leg. To break it down, start with double knee repeaters & march 4x on the floor. Take the march to a jog, then finally pendulum.

Note 2: "V" Step on the bench then alternate diagonal lunges 2x to the rear, then exit the step.

Note 3: Knee-Hop-Turn: Step up with right lead, lift left knee & pivot across the bench so you are on the opposite side of the bench facing the rear wall. Remember, as you Knee-Hop-Turn across the bench, you are changing lead legs.

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