Doublin' the Fun- Part Deux

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 1093)

The steps are horizontal and a bit wider than shoulder width apart. I call the front step, front step and the back step, home.
We start behind home step.

Combo Five- Here a lunge, There a lunge

The indecision lunge is a up up lunge over the front, lunge back and down down (off the front). The kick and then lunge is done with the same leg. It kicks up and then moves back into a lunge. I start them off with two slow kicks.
Repeat leading left.(32)

Combo Six- The Pulsing Squats

U-turn is a very small turnstep. The turning lunge lunge starts off as a turnstep and a tap. It changes to: starting off as a regular turnstep, but instead of completing it with a regular down down, you keep your weight on top of the step and lunge forward and back before the down, down.

You should now be facing the right side of the room, in front of the front step, ready to squat and pulse starting right. Repeat the routine until you are behind home step again. (32)

That's it for today! There's still more to come. These two combos were modified from a single step routine from the CAIN conference in Toronto. The instructor was from Vancouver, B.C. I've enjoyed using the routines that I've found on this site! I always tell my class where they're from! I think that it adds to the interest and to their motivation!

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From: Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
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