PK's Hi/Lo #1

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 1131)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email & I will try to clarify any way I can. This has 4 sets of 32 count phrasing & at the end, it will set you up with the opposite leg leading. Now you are ready to go with the Left Lead!

Thanks for the ideas on the slide! I'm slide choreography challenged!

Note 1: Start this move with a step right, hamstring curl left, step left hamstring curl right, step right, 2 hamstring curls left. The second time you perform this move, you will be starting with a step left.

Note 2: For variety, as you "come off your step" from the 1st "V" Step Lunge, face the rear of the room & do the 2nd.

Note 3: The 3 quick heels start with the inside foot leading.

Note 4: For variety, turn around in a circle clockwise as you hop on the right foot & counterclockwise as you hop on the left foot.

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