Funky V-Step!!!

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Step is in standard horizontal position.



***A funky V-step is a full rotating V.....meaning with right foot leading (facing front of room) perform a standard v-step BUT on the 4th count or as the last foot (left) comes down to the floor begin turning right towards the back of the room and perform another right leading v-step on the floor facing the back of the room, THEN again as the left foot comes back turn right towards the front of the room. Step up on the bench with the right lead and execute a three knee repeater with the left leg. Hint: funky v's are a lot of fun once mastered, just remember that when leading right, always turn in the right direction after each V-step .....leading left, turn left. Also remember the option of the standard V-step X2 facing front for those who don't get funky~~.

Whew!! Once mastered #1 & #2 can be merged.

Any question please email me!!!

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