Back To The Front!

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Horizontal Board, Facing the front of the room.

Final Product:

To teach:

This was my first combo last week, so I took my time with the basics. Start with 8 each side, then 4, 2, then 1 of each. Sometimes people have a hard time with all the tapping. Next comes the Knee tap, so it's 3 alternating basic with a knee tap. Repeat that both sides 4 times for comfort. Then I add the A-steps and the squats. Doing both sides. (6 times keeps you on the phrase.) Now put both parts together. The last part is the Horseshoe, some people still have problems doing this so when I add it in, I do A step Squat 2 times so I can do horseshoe 4 times(that's usually enough time for everyone to catch up.) I teach this like that on both sides so that everyone is comfortable and then I break it down to 1 set A step Squat with the Horseshoe bringing us "Back to the Front"

Enjoy! I hope you like it.
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From: Norwalk, California (USA)
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