Super Triangles

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Step is Vertical. Stand on the left side for a right foot lead.
  1. 2 Triangles (A triangle is one A-step, one over-the-top. It makes a triangle shape)
  2. 2 single knee lifts corner to corner
  3. Repeater knee. (Total: 32 counts) Now you are facing the back of the room, leading with the left foot.
  4. Repeat 1 - 3 leading left. (Total: 64 counts)

  5. 4 Basic right (Facing the right side of the room)
  6. Step right kick left straddle down left-right (facing front again)
  7. Step left kick right exit right-left on the right side of the step
  8. Repeater heel (like a knee lift but get that whole leg up, lifting the heel as high as the knee.) (Total 5 - 8: 32 counts)
Now you're on the right side of the step, facing front, ready to begin at the top with everything reversed. The sum total of the whole deal is 6 x 32 counts, or 192 counts.

I would be really grateful if anyone can give me an understandable description of a "backfire." I have yet to figure out what this step is from descriptions at this site and it's driving me crazy.

Hi to everyone at Gold's Gym in Whippany! I'm glad you liked my Backwards Bop. You guys are just up the road from me (in fact, I taught there for a while)

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