Reverse-Turn Combo

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  1. Alternate Single Knees on the front of the bench for (4) (Equalling (2) single knee on each side)
  2. Move corner to corner with (2)single knee ups on each side (Still facing front)
  3. To the center of the bench (facing front)(3) reapeater knees each side.
  4. Repeat steps 1-2-3 with hamstrings.
  5. After the repeatitions of the hamstrings move into alternating basics for 4 then alternating V-Step for 4 moving the 5th V-Step into a turn for 4. (So if you are leading with the left leg it will be a left turn-right turn-left turn-right turn) you are now on the left side of the bench facing the side. Stand astride the bench and do 2 angled basic left, move over the top, do 2 basic angled right, back over the top with 3 single knees up, over the top with 3 single knees back, 2 right basics, go diagonal.
  6. Once you are diagnol come up on the bench (and at this point you will or should be up on the bench at the front corner with the left leg) do 3 reapeater right knees on the last knee tap down and move into a "reverse turn" (this turns you toward your students and your students back toward you taking you into a complete turn taking you to the left corner of the front of the bench).
  7. After you reach this corner do 4 whole jacks back to be at the right corner of the bench. At this point you should be able to do 2 angled basic back into the diagonal then you are ready to repeat step 6 leading with the right up and 3 repeater knees left.
  8. After step 7 you are ready to start back to 3 single hamstrings up the bench over the top 3 hamstrings back into the angled basic, diagonal, repeaters, reverse-turn.

This is a fun step, the thing to remember is the reverse turnstep stays on the same side you start it on. You always start it with the inside foot up (standing astride) the foot that goes up first is the foot that goes down first. Kind of tricky at first but hang in there hope you can figure it out. Email me with any questions or clarifications.


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