A Swazi "Horseshoe" Routine

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 970)

This is a pattern using three benches. The centre bench is horizontal and the other two are placed vertically, one on each side of the centre bench, with their corners just touching, thus forming a horseshoe shape. The Combos look quite complicated but they're not really. Give it a try !

Part 1

Starting on the centre bench : Repeat above combo starting on left foot

Part 2

Repeat combo starting on left foot

Part 3

You should now find yourself somewhere near the rear left side of the right bench Repeat combo starting on left foot behind the left bench

Part 4

Again you should find yourself at the back of the right bench

Part 5

You are now back in the middle again, ready to start all over again.

I "borrowed" and adapted Parts 1 and 2 from Betsie Gouws who presented "Step Games" at the Annual Reebok Convention in Johannesburg in September 96. The rest has just come to mind since then. It does look complicated but isn't really. My lunchtime class of business-people love it, particularly the men for some reason. I hope you enjoy it. If I haven't explained it well enough, please send me an eMail. And any other feedback would be great !

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(Email: zdean-smith@sbgt.org.sz)
From: Mbabane (Swaziland)
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