Repeater Hop

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(Facing Left Side Right Lead): Horizontal Bench (64 counts) Repeat Left Lead Facing Right.... Have fun It's a great combo.....

This is my breakdown on ******

Hold the pattern Of Knee Straddle then get them used to doing a Knee Straddle with a Reverse Hop Turn ( I know they're "illegal" but we all still do them!!) then repeating it on the other side... Breakdown from 7 Knees with a Reverese Hopturn to 3 then 1...

This is my breakdown for ^^^^^^

The Repeater Hop goes like this.... First I have them do:

I call it the low impact version non intimidating for beginners. The breakdown for the advance move goes:

Facing Left Right Lead:
CUE>> 1 knee up left(1,2), toes come down touch the floor (3), Weight still on right foot push yourself up from the bench, jump up to the other end of the bench (4) Left foot lands on top of bench, Right toes touch floor (5), lift that Right Knee (6), Right Foot Step down (7), Left foot step down(8). While in Combo cue : "1 knee down jump 1 knee down release" Or repeater hop.

I strongly suggest showing that repeater movement before class...

If you have questions feel free to email me.

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