Maggie's Transition Combo for May

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(right lead)

Performance notes:
I'm probably detailing each of these moves more than I have to in some cases; however, I'm aware that cueing can vary greatly from instructor to instructor, from region to region. If you already know how to perform these moves, I apologize. Please skip over the unnecessary information. My hope, however, is to ensure that all the moves I am submitting are usable to anyone willing to try them. I have looked it over carefully, but please let me know if anything should be corrected or is unclear. I am submitting 5 combos in all, but am doing it separately so you can pick and choose. Look for "Maggie's Transition Combo for May" and "Maggie's Combo A for May" through "Maggie's Combo D for May."

Transition combo: I like to use the transition combo as part of the warm-up, since it's guaranteed to be performed a lot throughout class.

Corner-to-corner glute extension: alternating glute extensions, traveling corner-to-corner. See Knee corner, alternating knee lifts in Combo C if you need this broken down.

Hop-turn-behind: can substitute 2 over-the-tops, or, assuming a left lead coming out of a tap (facing the right side of the room):

8 counts walk-around: can substitute 2 over-the-tops or continue hop-turn-behind. Coming out of the hop-turn-behind as listed, you will begin with left lead:
Beats 1-8: left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right in a counterclockwise direction around the bench. (Clockwise if you start right lead.)

6 |              |
  |______________|  2
     7   8    1

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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