Doublin' the Fun

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 1005)

The steps are placed horizontally. I call the front step, front step and the back step home. I start the routine behind home step.

Combo One- an easy start

*The add on alternative is a tap over the bench in between the kicks instead of tapping on your side of the step.

Combo Two- Around the World.

Combo Three- Around the World with a Drunken Sailor

*Reverse turn is an advanced move. Most people should watch their feet while doing it. At the end of the step, facing outward, starting with the inside foot moving on top of the step, next put your outside foot on the other end of the step (your back should be facing the step that you are now standing on), you keep turning through this and step step down off the bench. You should now be standing at the other end of the bench facing outward.
*U turn is simply a very small turnstep, making a little u with your feet.

Combo Four- Stuck in the Middle

*Higher alternatives in this combo are a karate power kick with karate arms (make your own), and a nutcracker instead of the knee (a nutcracker is a leap on top of the step with the back leg extended behind on the first count, on the second count the back leg comes up into a knee up. You can make interesting sound effects with both of these alternatives. We also use boxing arms on the U turn.

I hope I explained this well. I just discovered this site. I have found some great patterns! Let me know how you like the start of mine. There's a lot more to this routine! I'll include more later.

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From: Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
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