2 New Transitions for June

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 1012)

2 New Transitions for June

Both combinations automatically reverse lead leg.

Repeat with left lead

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Performance notes:
Straddle turn: bench is horizontal, you are facing left side of room:

I usually hold a glute adduction for beats 9-16 before repeating with left leg here.

AZ walk: This is best taught 1/2 time first. Here is the half-time breakdown, including the glute adduction. Again the bench is horizontal, you are facing left:

I usually do 4 sets of adductor straddles here to prepare for the whole combination at regular tempo. (Make sure you do the tap coming off the last one.) The adductors are a good way to get out of the straddle and reverse lead leg to begin the AZ walk again.

AZ walk/straddle at regular tempo:

Over-the-top: Bench is horizontal, you are facing left. Right foot lead, crossing the bench: Continue with 4-counts around bench: you begin on the opposite side and end up on the original side.
  6 |     2    |
   7     8
I usually break it down with over-the-top three times (Beat 1-12) and four counts around once (Beat 13-16). This also reverses lead leg and breaks down quite easily.
Smile, and put it all together!

Funky Travelin' L (also known as Big T): for complete breakdown, see Maggie's Combo D for May.

Hop-straddle: with your arms out, it feels like playing "airplane!" Bench is horizontal, you begin facing front:

2 repeater knee with march: a variation of 3-repeater knee. Coming out of the hop-straddle, you are facing the left corner of the room. Performed by itself, it may be done at the center.

Have fun!

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