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Boxaerobics Sample choreography: [Low version]

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These are notes I took from Jesse Brooks' workshop, 5/17/97 in Tucson, Arizona. Jesse Brooks gives AWESOME workshops. He lives in Phoenix and tours the western region (I don't know if he goes any further). He offers continuing education Units in Step, Low Impact, Aqua, Boxing Aerobics, Slide, Warm-ups, and Cool-Downs. He also puts together some great tapes, and you can call him at (800) 242-4183 or email him at He is one of the best presenters I have ever seen. If you're looking for a presenter at your club, call him. (And no, he did not pay me to write this!:)

Boxaerobics uses simple high/low patterns integrated with basic boxing punches for an exciting alternative to traditional high/low classes. Because of the repetitive nature of the boxing moves, a thorough upper body warm-up should be emphasized and correct punching form should be taught, especially if students have no previous background in boxing. Beginners will have a tendency to clench their fists tightly, so it is a good idea to remind them periodically to loosen up the fist. As a safety precaution, encourage students to avoid hyper-extension of the elbow.


All moves begin and end from the pyramid formation.

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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