Kerrie's KO #2

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Start facing horizontal bench You're now ready to start at the top with the 1/2 L-step right...

Fake Diagonal- this is an 8 count move. You're at the bottom corner of the step with your left foot closest to the bench. Step up with the left foot (count 1), right foot follows (count 2), left foot taps the ground on the left side of the bench (count 3), the left foot taps back up on the bench (count 4), exit the bench on the right side (counts 5-6), and do one jumping jack on the ground (counts 7-8). When I teach it, I usually instruct it as follows "Up- quick tap down- 1 jack".

Up and Over Turn- I've heard many instructors call this a"revolving door". Basically, you go across the bench (count 4), as you hit the ground on that other side of the bench, you turn your body and go across the bench again (count 4). So if you start at the bottom corner of the bench with your left side closest to the bench, after you complete the up & over turn, you end up at the bottom corner of the bench (same side) with your right side closest to the bench.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need some clarifications!!! Also, I received a nice email from someone about KO#1 and I didn't get to thank that instructor because I forgot to save the email so I didn't get to reply. So thanks for the email & send me another one if you get the chance. Thanks!!!

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