The Half Hop Turn!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 1604)

This is a four count move. Bench is either vertical or horizontal.

I'll explain it from a horizontal point of view.

Position yourself so that your right foot is next to bench, facing left wall of room.

      xxxxxxx       x is the bench
          y         y is YOU!
First, just STEP-HOP: right foot up (1), hop on right foot (2), left foot down(3), right foot down, (4). Get comfortable with this step. Catch some air! Very Important to catch some air!

Now, to make this Step-Hop, the fun and fabulous HALF HOP TURN, you just turn towards the end of the bench when you HOP. You'll be taking your left shoulder over to the other side, in other words. Now, you should be facing the right wall, on the front side of your step. YOU'VE DONE IT! If you choose not to HOP as you turn, you risk injuries to the ankle, knee, etc. The hop doesn't have to be gigantic, just enough to get you through the turn! Half Hop Turns are are one of my favorite steps. I go into some detail about them in Movin' & Groovin'.

If this is still confusing, please let me know!

***A Reverse Hop Turn, also called a "hook", (amoung other things, I'm sure), is changing the direction of your turn. You would turn into the bench. A bit of a blind move, but if explained well to your class, adds a nice variation!

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