Way Cool Warm-up

This is a Warmup pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 1653)

I have alot of fun with this warm-up. You need music with a strong beat and you're all set to rock....


(Right lead) **To add some spice move forward on double/single taps and move backwards on step taps

After doing part 1 2x march out on right leg and hold


This gets you on your left leg leading march

***If you want direction with the above move- start with right march 4 walking diagonaly to the left side- hold mambo in place- hampull in place- step touch back 4- slow squat in place right/left.

Do your stretch combination

Put part 1 and 2 together and you have a warm-up that really moves. Sometimes when I'm teaching a hi/lo class I'll repeat the above combo but add intensity and it is a great lead into my aerobic segment.

I combined moves that I saw on Crunch Fitness to make this warm-up- Thanks for all the GREAT combos I've gotten from this web site...I've used any of them and they have saved me on days when I'm "Brain dead"

ALSO I'm moving to Phoenix soon and does anyone have any suggestions for clubs to try?

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