16 Counts of Peg Legs

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 1447)

Step is Horizontal

x you

Do these 32 counts with a side approach, looking at the left wall, right lead, right shoulder to the step

Repeat above 32 counts with a left lead

Repeat above self-reversing 16 counts again

Repeat above 16 counts left lead


Peg Leg (side approach, step to right shoulder)
This has many names, but it is right foot up and lift your body straight up (count 1), then come down on your left foot (count 2) keep repeating this only travel forward each time,all the way around the step back to where you started.

(It's good work for the butt,make sure they get a full range of motion by pulling their weight all the way up, but don't lock the knees)

Turn/tap over
This is just a turnstep, but you tap your left foot over the bench onto the floor, instead of tapping it next to the right foot. (You are straddling the bench but your weight is not on the left foot, it's just a "tap")

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