Hi-Lo Energy

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 1330)

This pattern is actually a combo of two patterns, so it will end up being a total of 64 counts (by doing it with both left and right leads, you can double that!) Hope you enjoy it as much as my students and I do! All moves are alternating right and left, unless otherwise indicated.

Part 1: (Right leg leads to start)

Part 2:

Now you can either repeat entire sequence with the left leg leading, as I do, or you can move on to something new.

Be creative as I do with arm movements: while moving forward with kicks, you may push the arms forward from chest level, or above the head.....with side out kicks, you can do side out arms, or add your own ideas. I usually bring my arms straight out, and up and down, from floor, up to shoulder height.

I usually present this combo, as all of my hi-lo combos, with both hi and lo options. This combo is great for getting the hear rate up, because you are using big arm and leg movements, as well as moving forward, back, and to the side.

Once my class has the combo, you may add some direction...with the right leg leading, the combo starts by moving to the right corner...after the four hops backward in part 2, face front for the jacks, the squat, and the remainder of that section. After the jump squat, finish the 4 heels with left lead, and start from the beginning with the left lead, toward the left corner. Remember that the left leg leads, so for example, the four side out leg repeater, is now with the left leg.

Hope you enjoy this combo....it is one of my favorites! Please send questions, comments, or ideas!

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