Just A Splishin' and a Splashin'

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 1352)

After you've done your warm-up and some basic 32 count combos in the shallow end, have your class travel to the deep end with noodles. I have them sit on the noodle with the short end in front of them and the higher end in back of them. We ride the noodle from side to side; pedalling our legs like on a bicycle. I also have them move their arms in bicycle pedal motion. We go one direction with slow, wide full range-of-motion pedalling as if we are going up a steep hill, and then back the other direction pedalling as fast as we can as if we are going downhill. We do this several times back and forth.

Next, have your class sit on the noodle U-shape. They sit in the middle of the U, with the sides of the noodle on their sides. Have them grab ahold of the sides with their hands. I then have them bring their legs up and out in a straddle position. They use their abs alot to hold their legs up toward the surface of the water. Then we straddle our legs in and out; moving our arms (and sides of noodles) with our legs. We do several sets of wide, slow sets; alternating with double time sets. This really works your inner thighs.

Then I have them switch the noodle to behind their backs and under their arms. The noodle holds them afloat. We push our legs out to one side and then pull our knees into our chest, and then push our legs out to the other side. (The funky mermaid). We keep going from side to side. Then I add on, by having them do the funky mermaid 4 times, then hold their legs out on the right side and do several counts of flutter kicks, and then bicycle around in a circle. Then repeat on the other side. After a few sets of this, I then have them bicycle around one direction, then the other, alternating each direction several times. We feel this in our quadriceps.

Have fun! Let me know if this is difficult to understand.

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