Don't try this on beginners! They'll walk out!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 1378)

Step is horizontal - see *** below for explanations.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Repeat combination on left side.

*Basic with pendulum and jack:
Step up (1-2) pendulum swing (3-4) step down (5-6) jack (7-8)
You have to do a little jump on count two to get into the pendulum.
For more power bring the knee up on '5' before stepping down.

**Step touch:
Do in an L-shape around end of board. Step touch right (1-2), turn the body to face right, step touch left (3-4), stay facing the side of the room, step touch right (5-6), turn the body to face front, step touch left (7-8).

***Repeater option:
Right leg lead bringing the left leg off the side. Step up right (1), left knee (2), tap left foot down (3), jump both feet together on board (4), tap left foot down (5), knee (6), step down (7-8)

****Six Across: From side of board, step up right (1), bringing left knee up and hop turn right to face back of room (2), stay on top of board and step on to left leg (3) bringing up right knee and hop turn right to face front of room (4), step down right, left (5-6) on other side of board and do one jack (7-8).

***** Turning step touch: From the short side of the board facing the back of the room, step touch left, then as you bring the right foot in turn the body right to face the front of the room, then step touch right to bring you to the other short end of the board.

This combo is for an advanced class but you can pick and choose small sections to teach separately. Email me if you have questions on how to break down because I probably didn't explain clearly enough!

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