Advanced Energy

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 1380)

Step is vertical

Part 1 = 32 counts

Part 2 = 32 counts

Repeat parts 1 and 2 left leg leads

Regarding Part 1 -
Teach the turn straddle back hop by starting with a half horseshoe, then half horseshoe with step hop off the same side (5 + 6 count). Then turn the step hop from the side to back (similar to a whole horseshoe the same counts anyway but with a back hop turn. You will end up in the same position as a regular horseshoe)

I usually just add over the tops to go back to a simple move, the participants seem to need time to adjust between fancier movements. When I add many fancy moves back to back the participants most always get lost. Change the over the top part to anything if you want.

Regarding Part 2 -
I start the knee cha cha with a regular repeater, then change to - knee 1,2,3 (cha, cha) on the floor (next to the step) knee again and off the side - same count as a repeater, then take the cha cha from the floor next to the step to astide the step knee and off - now I might show the shuffle down the step (basically a fancy turnstep = the same counts) all by itself a few times, finally adding the two together note - the knee cha cha knee and off turns into knee cha cha shuffle there is no knee and off - 8 counts - do the L step or maybe a knee straddle knee and off - whatever you want

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From: Waterboro, Maine (USA)
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