Windmills and Horses

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Bench is however you want it!


Repeat left lead-32 count each


Repeat left lead-32 count each

**Whats a windmill? It's over the top and back with the same lead. On counts 3 and 4 of the over the top you turn to face other direction of room, then go back over with the same lead,again on counts 3 and 4 turn to face the orginal side of room. Both arms go around in same direction, like washing windows with both hands going in the same direction. THERE! But if this is too stressful to figure out you can just do 2 regular over the tops and end up in same place. I have more but the washing machine is calling me and the vacumm wants to talk! As always email with ???? or comments.

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From: Detroit-GO WINGS-, Michigan (USA)
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