Five Knee Frenzy

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 2303)

This is a relatively complicated and speedy 32 count combination. I use it in my advanced classes here in Houston. The students really like it and it works them out really hard.

The first move is a crafty deviation of a five repeater knee. I'll have to break it down in order to explain. (no nomenclature). Right leg lead. Right shoulder to step

Heres every move in this first part of the combo (count #)

You are now standing on the front side of the bench ready for a right leg lead.

This "five knee turn" move has 12 counts to it, so I add a pivot at the end to make 16 counts. I'm half way; next I do a knee up..straddle down..reverse hop turn (8)

This is an 8 count move, where you end up on the front side of the bench ready for a left leg lead

Next comes a hop turn repeater combo, which is a knee, side, kick, repeater where you do a hop turn when you do the knee lift (8 counts)

You are now ready to restart with the left leg lead.

On the last 8 count move, you dont have to do the hop turn. You can just restart the combo for the left leg lead from the front side of the bench..sometimes students like that.

If you decide to teach this...I recommend you do it early during your class..otherwise tired students have a hard time picking it up. Email me for more info or if you need clarity.
Take care.

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From: Houston, Texas (USA)
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