"In Your Face!"

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2353)

Here is a drill I use to break up the usual format of my class.
It can be a real motivator as well as it can really get their hearts pumping if you have some fun with it.

Divide your class into two groups. (Team A & Team B)

Line them up front to back of room, FACING EACH OTHER.
(Keep them moving as you get them lined up, ie: jogging in place, boxer shuffle, whatever works.) Then start them off by getting them further apart.

I do a move with:
4 Jacks backwards (8) - This moves them away from each other about 6-8 feet.

Now the fun part

First 32

You can take them into a variation simply by replacing the first football shuffle (8) with another (8) combo. Example: 4 kicks right & left then right into the football shuffle moving forward.
Hold them in the "In Your Face" uppercut flurry for 16 or 32.

Hope it works for you - have fun with it!

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