Winger's Combo #104

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 2378)

Step is horizontal (explanations follow below)

Part A

You should now be on your left lead to repeat entire 64 counts or add on Part B, leading left.

Part B

You should have completed the entire 128 count combo and be on your left lead to repeat from the top.


*Go over the top right, left and exit right left as you face the other corner.....X 3

**Split the step is like a mambo-straddle-mambo-exit but moving forward and back on the step....mambo (left) in the middle of the step (1-2) move forward and straddle down left, right (3-4), moving back mambo again in middle of the step (5-6), exit where you started (7-8). To add more intensity, push up (propulsion) off the step during the mambo.

***Turnstep (1-2) stay on top and lunge (left) (3) left knee comes back up (4) exit left, right (5-6), 1 jack (7-8)

****2 Knee exit is like a 2 repeater but the second knee takes you over....step up left and lift the right knee (1-2) tap down right (3) step up right (4) and exit left (5) tap down right (6) face the back of the room and step touch to the right on the floor (7-8)

Added by Jude Wingate at 12:59 PM on Tuesday, April 21, 1998 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)
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