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Step is vertical
Begin on the left side of the bench lower corner, right-lead

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

Now ready to repeat Combos 1-4 with left lead beginning on

Kne-Hop-Turn =
Like a 1/2-hop-turn to get around the corner and a diagonal-across put together. You power your knee up to a 1/2 hop turn that moves diagonally across the step. (You will start on the upper left corner facing the back of the room, and you will end on the lower right corner, facing front)

Combo 4: Option: is a power option that can be added or deleted depending on your class level.

Reverse L-Step:
Step up left/right, 1/4 turn left to face left wall and exit left/right o ff the small end. Ready to go across longways. Add power knees up and exit for intensity.

Reverse L back is just the opposite up right/left turn exit right/left to end where you began. (I first teach over the tops with a power over knee-exit (4x) - then we'll do the same foot pattern just add the 1/4 turn to make the L)

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