Turnin' and Vinin'

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2407)

Bench is horizontal, you are facing the front, with right lead. This one can be broken down into 32 counts, by doing one turnstep + the grapevine, one little T instead of 2, leaving out the abduct 2, and doing only one hop-turn over and one mambo, but my class likes it as 64 counts. In either case lead leg reverses.

I'll walk you through it...

Turn x 3/grapevine back...That should explain itself pretty much.

Little T: At the conclusion of the grapevine, you will be looking toward the left side of the room with the bench to your right and right lead:

2nd Litttle T begins where 1st one left off with left lead, perform beats 1-4 only, beats 5-8 will consist of a hop-turn (not over) of 180 degrees. You will end ready to begin with left lead and looking toward the right side of the room.

Syncopated straddle: I know I've outlined this before, but for your convenience here it is again. (It's the only move I've truly created and not stolen in any part from anyone else)

Low impact version, rock or "chug" on beats 7-8, High impact version, jump both feet on top on 7, both feet jump down in straddle position on beat 8. The trick is to remember to come off the correct side when doing the higher impact version.

Abduct 2: Gluteal extension, ham curl, step kick, or any variation you like (8 counts)

Hop-turn over and back: any way you do this one is fine as long as in 8 counts you are exactly where you started.

Mambo: I think most people know this, but you could always sub in a basic step.

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