Dee's Step 980426

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 2420)

Step is vertical (narrow). Pattern has 4-32 count sections numbered 1-4.
All moves are right lead unless marked ** for left lead.
  1. Step touch / travel on floor / up up lunge lunge exit (16) / **turn move 4x (16)
  2. **Cha cha cha turn around 2x / **gutter / **over (16) repeat right lead (16)
  3. **Up up straddle down up up exit (8) repeater (8) repeat with right lead
  4. **"L" off end and bring it back (8) step knee pivot turn 1x (4) **step knee 1x (4)
Repeat opposite (16)

Break down:

Step touch / travel on floor:
Step touch on step (2) Step down left and begin grapevine move to left wall stepping right left and tapping right foot (4) Take 2 steps right and left to return to the step (2)

Up up lunge lunge exit:
Step up on step with right then left (2) Lunge to right then left (4) Step down right and tap left as you "exit step" (2)

Turn move 4x (16):

Cha cha cha turn around:
** This move moves forward down the length of the step using the step and floor as you take 3 quick steps as written using only 2 counts. Step left foot up with a quick weight transfer then step on right foot that is on the floor and finish the cha cha cha stepping left foot up on step again doing a quick weight transfer. Step right foot down (looking at step) turn in and step left foot down to complete the turn to face the back wall (2) Repeat as written above with right lead (4) You will be facing forward at end of repeat.

**Gutter / **over :
This is also known as "Peg leg." Your lead leg steps up on step transfering weight to it (1) step on floor with right (1) step up with left (1) step on floor with right (1) left lead "Over" the top of step (4)

Up up straddle down up up exit:
** Step up left, right (2) straddle the bench stepping down left, right (2) step up left, right (2) exit off towards the left stepping down left and tapping right (2)

(Obvious) (8)

"L" off end and back:
Turn body to face the step or left wall as you complete the previous move. Your position should be close to the right end of the step or the side closest to the front of the room. Step up left (1) Tap the right foot (1) Step off the narrow end with right (1) Tap left foot on floor (1) Step left foot up on bench (1) Tap right foot on step (1) Step right foot back and down to start position (1) ALSO STEP DOWN (do not tap) left foot (1)

Step knee pivot 1x step knee 1x:
Step right foot up (1) As you lift your left knee, pivot body 180 degrees to face the right wall or 1/2 way around (1) Step down left, down right (2) With a left lead step knee (no pivot) (2) Finish stepping down down (2) you are now on a right lead to repeat # 4 (16)

As you complete the repeat of #4, you will be on the right side of the step and a left lead, ready to repeat from the top starting with a left lead.

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From: Chicago area, Illinois (USA)
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