Four from Maggie

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Four From Maggie

Bench is horizontal for all combos.

Combo I changes lead leg. 64 counts

Combo II maintains lead leg, but changes orientation from front of the room to the back. 32 counts

Combo III maintains orientation and lead leg. 32 counts

Combo IV maintains lead leg, but changes orientation from front of the room to the back. 32 counts (I may have submitted this one before, but a long time ago.)

Performance notes:

Combo I:
Step kick/mambo chasse. Begin teaching as step kick corner to corner. First step kick (1-4) remains on bench, second becomes a mambo (5-6) with a shuffle on 7-8. Assume a right lead:

Curb step has many names; a.k.a. mambo combo, high/low are just two aliases. Start with a 4 count mambo, establish a rocking pattern. Assume a right lead:

Add forward (beats 1-4) and backward (5-8) motion for more intensity.

Combo II:

Shuffle turn is a variation of turnstep x 2. Assume a right lead:

Ping-pong is a variation of abduct x 2, borrowed from 4-square step. Imagine you are sandwiched between two benches and perform a second abduction on the second bench.

Rock/step kick/scissors is another variation of abduct x 2, or abduct 3 repeater. Begin teaching as 3 repeater, then show as 2 repeater, touch back on 5-6-7-8, then 2 repeater w/higher impact scissors, then a rock (a.k.a. chug) in place of the first kick. Again, assume right lead:

AZ (that's Arizona) walk is one of my favorite moves. Combination between a hustle and a pivot turn is the best way to describe it. It's just 4 counts long but the 4 counts that follow really determine how the move will end. This time I use a straddle to complete. Right lead again, you are looking toward the left wall.

When you repeat this combo, you will come right out of the straddle and perform it facing the rear wall.

Combo III:

L-step begins like a basic, but taps off the side. For our purposes here, assume that right lead again!

6 across is the low impact version of a "tick-tock" or pendulum. You may even know it by another name. You have completed the L-step and one abduction. With the end of the bench at your right, move to your right and march on top for 6 beats, come off the right end (still facing front, bench to your left) on 7-8.

Hop-straddle vs. hop-turn over...There is a difference but it doesn't matter in terms of the combination turning out right. I make a distinction only to keep the combos a little different from one another.

Big T is really 16 counts but I only use half of it here. Begin at the center, exiting on the end briefly and returning to the center. In this case, left lead:

If you continue the move (as you will in breaking it down) beats 9-16 repeat with opposite lead.

Combo IV:

6 point turn is a syncopated move and a variation of turnstep x 2. If you haven't taught using syncopations, it's helpful to illustrate what a syncopation is. Traditional phrasing of aerobics music is:
1-2-3-4 5-6-7-8
Syncopated patterns often are:
1-2-3 4-5-6 7-8
6 point turn w/right lead:

Diagonal (a.k.a. slice) is a variation of over-the-top, crossing the bench diagonally. Tap as you exit, and march back on the floor (beats 5-8 of a hustle) to begin turn-straddle-turn.

Turn-straddle turn (a.k.a. U-turn or horseshoe, maybe even more names are out there). In 8 counts, you are on the opposite side of the bench with opposite lead. Let's assume a left lead:

Little T... With the bench facing front and to your right with you looking toward the left wall, right lead:

Adding a hop-turn to the little T is a nifty way to change lead. Note the difference between a hop-turn and a hop-turn OVER. If the bench is between you and the mirror when you begin the hop-turn, it should still be when you complete it. When performing a hop-turn OVER, you will end between the bench and the mirror.

I hope this gives you some food for thought, but not a case of indigestion!!! :) Please email me with any questions...I check my email every month or so!

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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