EveryDay ABs

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 2969)

Each seperate exercise is repeated sixteen times - I find it easiest to count up (1, 2,...,8) and then back (8, 7,...,1).

Warmup Set

Obliques Set

Same thing, but on the left!

Lower Belly Set

  • Lower belly curl (roll hips and buttocks off the floor using abdominals. For maximum effect, try to maintain 90 degree angles at the knee AND hip)
  • Lower belly press (raise hips using abdominals, heels press to ceiling)
  • 1 Count curl with lower belly press
  • 1 Count curl with lower belly curl
  • Lower belly curl

    And just for groans, add Scrunches (Glute Set)

    To Scrunch, place feet on floor, with knees elevated. Feet should be about knee distance from buttocks. Upper body remains motionless on floor. Lift buttocks off floor by primarily squeezing with the glutes. Additional elevation using the quadriceps is not recommended as it places undue stress on the spine. Again, movements repeated sixteen times:

    Try the whole routine (five sets) once, it isn't as long as it looks on paper but it's a solid workout. It's easy to remember if you think of a Cross: Upper body, Left side, Right side, Lower body, Buttocks. Good luck!

    Remember proper form during all exercises: bellybutton into the floorboards, neck gently supported, exhale on exertion, breath through the burn!

    A good long stretch will be well deserved!

    Let me know how your class likes it!

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