Slam Dunk

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 2978)

This is just one of my 'mix 'n' match' sections which I put together in different orders to keep the class on their toes. It has it's origins in 20's jazz moves - just in case anyone asks! It's suitable for a class with few inhibitions and a sense of humour...

Repeat leading on the left, travelling to left front corner.

*It's a step and a jump, feet together, both hands travel above the head, and hands flick down as if you've just scored, and fits very neatly at the end of a grapevine instead of a normal hop.

**Think Blues Brothers - join hands behind bum (butt, whatever!) meeting at the wrists, palms facing upwards, wiggle fingers! This move should be done low, knees well bent, wide side steps. Bend forward a little at the waist.

***This works best with well bent knees, so jumps and kicks are low level and not too bouncy. Try getting the arms swinging across in opposition to the way the foot is flicking (which should be diagonally across)

Just realized how impossible this looks! It's not, really, and is a great laugh when everyone's taking themselves a little too seriously. There's loads of scope to increase intensity and go hi-impact - jump the box steps back, hop the hamstring curls, jump the scoops etc etc.

If anyone does wade through these instructions, let me know how it goes. Has anyone else noticed the seriously step-heavy nature of this site recently!! Have fun.

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From: Sheffield, Englnd (USA)
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