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This is a pattern that I add at the end of my Cardio Kickbox class. It incorporates blocks from traditional Tae Kwon Do, combined with front snap kicks for extra intensity. I ask all the students to form horizontal lines at the rear of the room facing forward. Then I demonstrate the move and have them perform it while moving forward to the front of the room. (This can be very slow, BPM should not dictate the speed of this exercise.) The first part of this move is called a "cross-arm lower block". I usually give my students a little background while they are moving across the room. After they reach the end and turn around, I teach them a "cross-arm upper block", which is essentially a lunge forward with the arms crossing in front of the body and slightly overhead. When the class is performing the exercise I usually call out, "Block!, Kick!, Block!, Kick!" etc. It's a lot of fun and hard work. (For less intensity it can be modified by doing a knee lift instead of a kick).

If any of this is unclear, just email me.

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From: Long beach Island, New Jersey (USA)
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