Kick Your Monday Morning Butt!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 2992)

Step is horizontal. All patterns are 32 counts except the first one (it is 64 counts, but you could break it down if you wanted to) and are self-reversable.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Repeat with left lead.

Combo #3

Repeat with left lead

Combo #4

Repeat with left lead starting from right side of bench.

*Broadway knee:
Step knee(1,2), walk backwards(3,4,5), kick(6), walk up(7,8). I cue it like this: "Knee walk back, kick walk up", and then we do it some more to make sure we've all got it!

*March on top:
For options on that, you can use a jog or a pendulum. *Phat hop!:
All this is is a goophy name for hopping all the way over your bench. It is definetly a power move! An option for lower intensity would be 2 A-steps instead of 4 phat hops, then they channel right into those A-steps anyway.

Well, I've got to say! I've been checking out this web sight for awhile, and I've gotten some great stuff from you guys! My compliments to the people who can convey their ideas into written words, because that was much harder than I thought it would be! I really hope that you understand the moves as I described them, but, of course! if you don't, just email me. If I actually check my messages, I'll answer your Q's! Again, thanks for the creative moves. This is my way of giving back, I guess. KEEP MOVIN'!

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From: Collegeville, Pennsylvania (USA)
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