It's All About Flow, Baby!

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 2999)

This is a high intensity combo which incorporates both basic dance and Hi/Lo moves. Hope you enjoy! This is your first (32) count section. You may choose to repeat with the left lead, or move on.

Take a 32 count mind breather! Throw in somw heels, plies, twists!


*Sache into backwards mambo:
Step right foot and do a small shuffle towards the right end of the room for two counts. The left foot steps behind the right on (3,4). The shuffle then begins with the left foot heading towards the left end of the room.

*Full sache:
A jazzed version of a triple step touch. (all 3 move in the same direction). The first step touch faces the front wall, the second faces the back, and the third faces the front again. You should now be on the opposite side of the room from where you began, and it should have taken you (6) counts to get here. On count (7), (if leading right) the left leg should step over the right, and the right should meet it.

*The kicks and the sqaut ducks are borrowed from boxing. They are done low impact with high intensity.

*Remember to break the counts down on the Jack-in kick-out move. It will be much easier for your class if you always call count (4).

Hope everyone will enjoy and practice safely!!!

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From: Cheshire, Connecticut (USA)
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