Jumpin' Jeannie's Jacks

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3064)

Horizontal step

Combo 1

32 count
Stay in that corner and repeat left with inner thigh

Combo 2

32 count
Repeat left on opposite side of bench

Combo 3

32 count
Repeat left on opposite side of the bench.

To get the heart rate up even more I have the class hold the jacks on the last single jacks. I have them count it out and if they are not loud enough I will do another set of 8 jacks. They usually get nice and loud because they know I will just do another set if they are not loud enough.

Have fun and mix and match. Jacks are great cardio. Now you know how I got my name. Jumpin Jack Jeannie. If you have ??? do not hesitate to email. Thanks Greg!!!

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From: Woonsocket, Rhode Island (USA)
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