Work that transverse!

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 3075)

This exercise, if done properly (big IF), is the single best exercise I've found to work that pesky pot belly of mine... The students love it as much as they hate it. (It's hard!)

Get into a basic push-up position, hands flat and approximately shoulder width apart, toes flexed, heels up, legs straight out behind you and together. The key to this is to keep your back flat! No butts in the air, no guts sagging low. They have to maintain that flat back throughout the exercise, or they won't feel it.

All they are going to do is bend their knees to bring them really close to the floor, then straighten. That's it. Looks and sounds easy, but I guarantee it's not. Tell them to keep their shoulders and necks relaxed and to really focus on moving only the knees. They have to suck in their bellies in order to do it right.

I usually do regular abs (crunches, obliques, etc.) first, then finish with this when they're nice and tired. Just to keep them on their toes, I do a set of 8, then 8 push-ups (since we're down there anyway!), then 8 more abs, then rest. 2 or three combo sets like that usually does the trick.

P.S. If anyone's back or shoulders bother them, tell them to drop down to their elbows instead of staying up on their hands. It helps, but it does make the ab exercise easier.

Good luck!

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