Kim W's Dallasmania #2

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3070)

This is another great routine from Gay Casper at Dallasmania. Some of the moves have been modified and/or changed to my style. Start with a right lead, horizontal step. Email for questions, explanations of moves at end of routine--enjoy!

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

Routine moves a lot and is lots of fun!

Repeater run:
One knee up, straddle step, run straddling step X 3, exit to side with same knee you started with.

Back diagonal:
Same as a front diagonal. Go to front corner as if doing a front diagonal but exit back to corner of step on opposite side.

On the second turn, do not exit step, you will immediately go into your first side lunge then pop over step to do a side lunge on the other leg, make sure you finish your turn on top of the step before you lunge.

Knees front-back-front:
This is a 3 knees on top with a directional turn. You will step up from side of step and do one knee lift, turn on top of your step and do other knee facing opposite end, then turn again and face other knee towards other end and exit on the floor turning towards the corner of your step that you were not facing originally.

2 knee repeater, walk, shuffle X 2:
Do a 2 knee repeater, when you step down on floor inside foot will step back, then you will shuffle (some call it ski) X 2 on floor then go back to step and repeat again with same lead.

Hop turn to other side (no taps), go up with opposite lead you started with and hop turn back to where you originally started windmill (no taps again). Each one equals 4 counts total.

1/2 scissor:
This is an over the top of 4 counts with the outside leg going behind the front leg to go over the top of the step. This will put you on the opposite lead you started Block #1 on to begin routine again with left lead.

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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