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Doing this 2x is a 64 count block

Then add on a stall step on the beat and tell them about traveling stall (or gallop gallop if you happen to have that step tape with the Cotton Eyed Joe song right in the middle of the tape) The gallop gallop is just a traveling stall step down the side of the step. So you do gallop gallop and turn and do it the other direction. When your class has that, the full 8 count is gallop gallop, walk walk (on the floor) pivot, walk walk back on the floor.
Repeating right/left/right/left is 32 count

Next add step up lunge 3 (right/left/right) repeater knee (left) straddle repeater knee (right) straddle and two taps on the front of the step. Then repeat from the front of the bench.. step up lunge 3 (left/right/left) repeater knee (right) straddle repeater knee (left).

The whole thing on both sides of the bench is a 64 count block.

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