Shake That Body Baby!

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 3089)

Each new move begins with the right lead unless I say otherwise! * Pogo, I teach it by saying "step on your right, ham curl the left 2x repeat with a left lead" then I change it to step right, ham curl the left, reach the left leg across and behind the right leg, ham curl the left. I cue it as "step, curl, reach, curl". Then for intensity I add a hops to the move.

* Scoot, is step to the side with the right foot, then bring the left foot over beside the right (like a step touch to the right 4x),it's a 4 count syncopated move. The scoot can be extremly fast if you're using 140 bpm or higher and because my students range from 15 to 60ish, (and let me tell you my 60 years hang in there, some better than the youngsters!) I show them a grapevine for an alternative. The single, single, double heel taps starts with a left heel tap, right heel tap, then 2 on the left for a 4 count. (This is also syncopated) For a slower version I show 2 regular alternating heel taps for a 4 count. This sets you up to repeat the move to the left for your 2nd 8 count.

*When I do the run, I turn and face the right wall and run counter clockwise. My class is a step class, but the last 5 to 6 minutes, I do a hi-low song, just for some variety, so I run half way around my step to the front side, I push my arms up and down over my head, then I pony 1st time towards the step for my 2nd 8 count, then finish my counter clockwise run 8 counts back to where I started, pony towards my step again, and now I'm ready to pogo with a left lead.

It's great fun especially with the right song (I use a ProMotion tape with "Shake That Body"). Hope you like it!

Thanks to FitOInstr for the name for my move in Gonna Make You Fit, I'm sorry I didn't Email you back, I accidently erased you address!

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From: Lexington, Kentucky (USA)
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