Buncha hop turn straddles

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3090)

Bench is vertical, you are standing behind bench **for fancy repeater.....step knee (right foot leading) 1-2, tap left foot on floor 3, then immediately pop up so that you are now standing on your left foot on the bench with your right leg in an abduction 4, pop up again so that you are now standing on your right leg on the bench and your left leg is in a tap position touching the floor on the left side of the bench 5, bring left knee up 6, exit to your left with left lead 7-8 OR after count 6 exit to your left with your left foot lead with a 360 degree turn to your outside left until you are facing the front ready to do fancy repeater #2 with left foot leading

Once you get the fancy repeater it is great!! Keep working at it or email me if you need better description.

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