No Wimps!

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 3655)

These combos are fast moving and travel all around the room. They are some of the favorites of my more demanding classes. Good luck!

Combo A:

Combo B:

Combo C:

Repeat Combo A, B, and C on opposite leg from what is shown above.

Combos A and B do not self-reverse to the opposite leg. Therefore, I've included Combo C to complete the pattern. You can put the combos in any order, since as long as you have one combo that switches, you will always be able to do all three on both right and left.

**A fancy alternative to the double lunge: instead of taking the second lunge of the double again to the back, cross it over the other leg to the FRONT. To call out each count, it would be: "Lunge, knee, cross front, knee." Your weight stays on the same leg until you cross front, where you shift weight onto the front foot, and then lift the opposite knee. The leg with the lifted knee is then prepared to lunge out to accomplish the next double lunge.

My classes really loved this move once they mastered it.

***The plyo version of the double step touch is especially good here.

I know these combos are fast-paced and complicated. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! Thanks to all the wonderful instructors who contribute to this website. My new class has been completely "stolen" from!!! Thanks Greg!

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From: Burke, Virginia (USA)
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