Kickboxing in Savannah III

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8 count jump kick

Boxers stance squared off facing front, left foot up, right is back... right front kick, plant right foot, (instead of being next to left foot, slightly back). Jump lifting right knee (for momentum) & kick with left leg (while in air) land left foot back to floor and step back with right foot (as in beginning)

Verbal cues to students... (what I say to mine): Right kick & back, jump kick, step back

To reverse to other side, instead of stepping back at end, do a foot switch.

Cue would be: kick & back, jump kick, step, switch (left foot will now be back & right forward.)

If this is confusing, email and I will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

This is an 8 count move. Actually 16 with both sides. Enjoy!

My name is Andrea Rahn, I am the coordinator/instructor at Cory Everson's Aerobic & Fitness for Women in Savannah, Ga. Kickboxing is very popular at our gym, our classes are always full. I have been instructing kickboxing for about one year now. This is one of my favorites, of course! I would like input from you on the latest, Tae-Bo.

To the other kickboxing instructors, keep the great choreography coming, and I will do the same. Happy Holidays. :o)

Andrea R.
Kicking it in Savannah!

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From: Savannah, Georgia (USA)
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