Step, no tap, part 2

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 3668)

Hello, it's me again.

Since I am on this website I've got a lot of feedback. I want to thank everbody who has mailed me. It's great to be on this site!

Explanations of some terms with * see below

Block 1 (2x32 counts)

Repeat left lead (32)

Block 2 (2x32 counts)

Repeat left lead (32)

Block 3 (2x32 counts)

Repeat left lead (32)


Hesitate 3 times, 1/2 mambo backward (facing left wall)


Basic lunge (left lead) If you want you can make a full turn on step on beat 1 and 2 (clockwise!!)



Hamstring around the world If you want you can touch the step with your hands when you are going around the world (touch step on beat 1,3,5,7)

** Teaching skill: up-jack-lunge-knee

Repeat this block again till your people get it.
Then make 3 repeaters and 2 step knees (you are now on left knee!) and start to TEACH the up-jack-lunge-knee on left)

Instructor tip:
When I'm going to take a lesson from an another instructor I noticed that many instructors teach a whole block on right and when the people have a whole 32 count block on right they often say: and now the whole thing on left!

If you're willing to do it good try also to teach on left.

If you want some more teaching skills you can always Email me.

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From: Oss (The Netherlands)
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